Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: The Grey Pumps

As we've discussed before, dressing up in the mountains is hard. Straying from the flannel dress code gets you stares and points alike. But I'm a rebel, and rebels do what they want. So for today's Thrifted Thursday, I present to you the grey pumps.

I found these babies for $4 at For Pet's Sake last summer. The low, kitten heel makes them comfy enough for extended wear and the grey color makes them a perfect neutral for any outfit. I've paired them countless times, in countless ways, in the comfort of my room. But why no public appearance you ask? Because I'm a liar, not a rebel and I am afraid of the stares and points that will certainly ensue after I a) bust my heeled ass on ice or b) wear this impractical shoe amongst the sea of practical, shoe-wearing, mountain peeps.

The truth hurts, but somebody's gotta know.

Deck pic, because my room's carpet just doesn't do them justice.
Stems. Long and lean?
Toe cleav = kinky.

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