Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I love salt, and I'm not talking about that Angelina Jolie movie either. I'm talking about the flavorful seasoning also known as sodium chloride. I know I'm not supposed to (love it), high blood pressure and all, but it makes everything taste better. My favorite food to add salt too? Sweets. I learned this little trick from my excellent roomie Danielle. Now that's a girl who loves salt.

I digress. I baked some Pretzel/Choco-chip/PeanutButter-chip cookies on Sunday, and they were de-li-cious. And you want to know what put them over the top? The sprinkle of sea salt I added to them while they were cooling. Perfection. I baked them for the bf's work and as I dropped them off, one of his coworkers asked if I added my secret ingredient, the ingredient I add to all of my baked goods. Secret ingredient I wondered? Hmm. Salt, she proclaimed. Ohhh (you mean Danielle's secret ingredient). Yes, I said. I did in fact salt them! "My" signature ingredient....

The trick to salting your sweets is to sprinkle the salt on approximately five minutes out of the oven, during the cooling process. If you sprinkle the salt on before you bake, it will absorb into the top. If you sprinkle just out of the oven, it will absorb into the top. If you wait too long to sprinkle, it won't stick. Sprinkle approximately five minutes out of the oven to achieve sweet and salty perfection.

Salted: Choco chip/PB chip/Pretzel Cookies
Salted: Heart shaped brownies

P.S. This post is dedicated to Danimal the animal.


  1. mmmm can't take all the credit that salt does... doesn't ruin too many things, i have found :)

    1. Salt, salt, salt. I love salt. Get into my belly (and swell it all up).