Monday, March 4, 2013

Beach Bod

Have I told you that I'm going to the Virgin Islands on April 8th? I am! Woop woop! I'm so excited! I can't wait to swim in the ocean, eat fresh seafood and get my tan on!

However, there is one problem and it's a bad one. It's like that abusive boyfriend that you know is bad for you, but you just can't stay away from. Its name? Dessert. Why must I love it so? My thighs certainly don't love it. Nor does my booty. Dessert is totally getting in the way of the beach bodywant will have. So I made an executive decision. Today I decided that Dessert and I shall only have relations once three times per week (which is really cutting back for me- I pretty much find a way to eat dessert after every meal).

It's going to be hard. Really hard. I need you to keep me accountable. If I post a dessert recipe (for Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, like I plan to tomorrow), you must tell me I'm bad. You must remind me NOT to put that sugary, buttery goodness in my mouth. Whisper beach body in my ear and reinforce that goal. Help me guys, this is really going to be a tough one.

P.S. All Photos from Daily Dishonesty, a new, favorite blog about the "lovely little lies" we tell ourselves. (She also sells most of her prints! I'm thinking about this one...)

P.P.S. I wish I could tone without the gym. But I doubt it. Damn shit.


  1. HAHA! Maybe you should dedicate a post to hot beach bods we all want. I find if you stop eating dessert all the time (I know, I know) that you actually stop craving it. I rarely have dessert......not that, that means anything at all considering I ordered a medium (What?!) pepperoni pizza all to myself at 2AM on Saturday night......

    1. Medium Pepporoni all to yourself? How sassy of you...

    2. I know....It was so bad. So so bad.