Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thrifted Thursdays: The Ski Boots

This thrifted Thursday is an oldie, but a goodie, a reaaal goodie.

Last Winter the Wesley and I were browsing Recycled Sports in Frisco, looking for possible treasures, when we struck gold. In a sea of dirty and old ski boots, mine were just sitting there, perfect, waiting for us to walk in the door and take them away.

They were brand new, 2010 Dalbello Krypton boots that retailed then for $700 and now for $400! Plus they came with Intuition LinersHotronic FootWarmers and Booster straps. Wes tells me that with all the bells and whistles these boots came with, they were easily worth $1000. We did not pay that ridiculous amount though. We are better shoppers than that. We Wesley bought them for only $90! Brown chicken brown cow.

So far I have only used them once this winter (mama still needs skis and bindings), but they were glorious; so warm and comfortable (if there is such a thing in ski boots). I love them and they love me too. Excellent thrift find Wesley, excellent thrift find.

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