Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This past weekend, Wes and I picked our first Christmas tree! We walked out into the National Forest  backyard and legally chopped down our first Charlie Brown tree. It may be a little sparse and uneven in places, but it's beautiful none the less. We decorated it lights and ornaments. Cranberry and popcorn garland to come soon.

And so the adventure begins...

           Could this be our tree? No, too small.                       Could this be our tree? No, too bendy.

We found our tree! A Charlie Brown tree!

      Fam Picture                                                                   A real man

Then I picked fresh holly. Stay tuned for a DIY.

$3 thrifted Christmas tree stand from the Breck FIRC!

  Ta da! Our perfectly, imperfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

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