Sunday, July 28, 2013


Do you ever just have those weekends you don't want to end? I do. It's called every weekend. This weekend was particularly nice and relaxing though. It started with takeout and a movie on Friday night. The takeout was Crystal Mountain Cantina (try it, it's good!) and the movie was Guilt Trip which made me both laugh and cry (did it have this affect on anyone else?). Saturday morning, my new friend Autumn drove over to my house and we hiked the Inteman Trail to Section 16 and my booty is still sore. After I got home from my hike, the bf surprised me by driving down to Manitou Springs. This made me so happy because a) I love surprises and b) I didn't have to drive anywhere! Because the bf was hangry (angry because you're hungry) we went straight to grab some lunch. We tried La Coquette Creperie in downtown Manitou Springs and it was delicious. It is a completely gluten free restaurant, and for those of you who aren't gluten free, nor want to be (like me), you couldn't even tell. Everything was fresh and all the "breads" tasted normal and fanstatic. Thumbs wayyy up to this restaurant. After eating lunch, we walked around Manitou for a bit until it started raining, then we went home. About 4 hours later, we found ourselves hungry again, and because the bf made the trip down, he got to pick dinner. Little did I know he would pick the chain restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, but he did, so we went, we ate tons of beef, the end. The next morning, we were hungry again (have you picked up on this weekend's theme yet...), so we drive to Mountains Shadows restaurant for some delicious eggs and green chili. If you are a green chili fan, I will throw this out there that Mountain Shadow's has the best green chili I have eve had. Period. After breakfast, we needed a rest, so we went home and played with the pups. Then the bf had to go back to Denver which made me sad, so I went shopping and bought new shoes, and tht made me feel better.

In other news, starting tomorrow, this little guy has new blog posts lined up all.week.long. You are so excited you just peed your pants? It's okay, I won't tell. See you tomorrow!


  1. guilt trip made me laugh and cry also...

  2. Oh boy I need to watch it then!!

  3. Posts all week long? Biggest tease ever. Thanks a lot Mountainsandmode....