Monday, August 12, 2013

Pattern Party

These days, it's all about mixing prints. Polka dots on plaid, leopard on lace, floral on camo. The possibilities are endless. Today I'm bringing you something special, something you have never seen before. An Ashley original. Just kidding. You have definitely seen it before. Probably like a 100 times on Pinterest. But I still like it, so I'm going with it.

Today I present to you a stripes and paisley party in the same blue-ish color scheme. I know, I am so trendy and monochromatic. I thrifted this boys Target Boutique button down at the FIRC Thrift and Treasure (oh how I miss Breck thrifting...). I bought the skirt on clearance at J. Crew factory during one of their cray cray 50% off sales for like $15, which means I practically stole it. And these pumps, well they just don't quit. They are the pumps every working woman should have in her closet and they are from Payless. Yes Payless, I know, who would have thought. Truth tho, they are the MOST comfortable heels I have ever worn. They are padded on the inside with a three inch heel, which is the perfect height. Not so low they're considered a kitten heel, not so high that your feet are screaming at you by 3pm, but juuuust right.

So what do you think? Are you wowed by my original pattern combination? I thought so.

Hand on the hip. Homie don't play.
Blue Stripes and blue paisley are the new PB&J.
Backside shot, because I know you were all wondering.

Shirt: Thrifted Target Boys Section (similar)

*Photos taken by my maja
*Cameo by Duncan


  1. 3 inch heel... like baby bear's porridge. not to hot, not to cold. just right.

  2. I love the pattern party!!! I wish I was original like you. More importantly, when the hell is the next 50% jcrew outlet sale?????! Please invite me next time. Really rude.

  3. Roll up your sleeves, if the rest of your outfit is rather formal why would you want to look like a 14 year old with her boyfriends hoodie?