Monday, July 8, 2013

Business Profesh

So I've been in my new job now for almost two months now, and I think I have exhausted all my clothing options. I wear variations of the exact same, business profeshional outfit every day. Black pencil skirt, colored top. Grey pencil skirt, colored top. Black pants, colored top. BORING. Dressing up for work was fun for like the first five minutes, but now I'm over it.

However, in the spirit of keeping things positive, lets discuss this boring, yet thrifty and thrifted outfit. Yes.

Mom bought me the skirt at the Banana Republic Factory store for $20 and it just doesn't quit. It goes with everything, as a black pencil skirt should, and stretches and bends with every pizza lunch I consume. I bought the top from J. Crew on sale for $12 bucks and I really, weally love it. Its stripes make me feel like the naughty little sailer I am, and the orange and blue colors make me feel like a Broncos cheerleader. It's basically perfect. Now let's talk heels, or should I say wedges. I bought these little babies at the thrift store last summer for $1.50. Ya, you heard it right. $1.50! They are Seychelles brand, comfy and go with e-v-e-r-y boring, business profesh outfit I own. Score.


  1. This is so not boring - you look fab.

  2. i'm happy they conform to the pizza lunches... weally weally. you're the best