Monday, July 15, 2013

Pikes Peak

Hiking 14ers are a right of passage here in Colorado. If you haven't been to the top of one, don't admit it or you're that guy. Seriously, it's slightly ridiculous how obsessed my state is with mountains higher that 14,000 feet. And for what? A hike that you have to start at 4am so you summit before the weather turns? A hike that is often 50% switchbacks, back and forth, back and forth? A hike with only rocks and dirt to stare down at because it's above tree line? 

Alright, alright. They're not as bad as I'm making them sound. 14ers may in fact give you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you get to the top. A high that is only attainable when you're 14,000 feet high. But- I'll take a 10-miler, below tree line, among the wildflowers, next to a babbling brook any day.

I digress. A couple of weekends ago, the topic of 14ers came up and the truth came out. The bf had never hiked one. The bf had never been to one. "Whaaaaat?! And you've lived in Colorado for how long?" But, being the smart chick that I am, I quickly came up with a solution. "Pikes Peak!" I shouted. "We can drive there! Now!" So we did. And it was fun. And gorgeous. And no one found out the bf's secret. Until now. Whoops.

Welcome to Pikes Peak. And I shall formally introduce you to my new love, Pearl the Subaru. Isn't she a beauty?
It was hard work getting up to the summit, but someone's gotta do it.
Smoggy and grey from the fires.
Then we got high. Real high. 14,000 foot high. And Wes broke his cherry.


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