Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Link Love

My favorite blogger (a cup of jo) posts fun and inspiring links once a week on her blog. I look forward to them every Friday. I've compiled a list of my own link love from this week. Check it out!

A bacon shortage.

Hair styles I will try.

5 ways to increase your blog visibility. I'll do this.

Ashton Kutcher cast as Steve Jobs in new movie. Hmmm.

Girl power.

Wowza. Japan's new beauty trend.

I want to see Perks of Being a Wallflower! Alas, not playing in Breck. Maybe next weekend in Denver...

Body image and Lady Gaga. You go girl.

Dainty jewelry I need, minus the price.

Watercolor painting sold out? That's okay, I'll DIY.

That's all kids. Hope everyone has a fun, fall weekend. I'm planning on hiking Mt. Royal again; testing out a new pinterest recipe: hello baked pumpkin spice donuts and; if there's time, maybe a drive over Independence Pass to see the last of the yellow aspen trees before all the leaves are gone. I'll let you know what I actually do (lounge on the couch). xx

Photo via tumblr

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