Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 Generations, 1 Leather Skirt

Every time I visit my parent's house, I like to take a little shopping trip into my mother's closet. Is she one of those super stylish mom's whose closet I envy? Not really. Can I occasionally dig out treasures from it's deepest, darkest corners? Sometimes. I like to compare her closet to Ross Dress for Less. If you're willing to put in the time to search, the reward can be very sweet.

Exhibit A. The leather skirt. How I have only yet to find this treasure baffles me. I think the fact that it was in the same bag as a pair of 1980's, polyester pants is what discouraged me from finding it before. Not this time though. This time it is mine. Muahahaha.

I wore my mom's leather skirt to dinner a few weekends ago in Vegas. I kept it simple with a chambray shirt and black heels so that the beautiful, buttery leather could be the star.

Top: J Crew
Skirt: Vintage (similar - in burgundy)
Shoes: Clarks
Watch: Skagen
Bracelets: Forever 21


  1. Finding such a lovely leather skirt (especially size small) tells me that your mother may not necessarily be as out of clothing touch as your blog implies. Could it be that every time she does purchase something hip and cool, her daughter does some extra shopping in her closet? Probably being the loving mother that she is though, she doesn't mind having her treasures removed from her closet :)

  2. Spoken like a stylish mother...