Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Work Wear

You all know I love thrifting. There is something so satisfying about buying something old and wearing it in your own style to make it new again. Thrifting is about taking risks and being creative. I find it easy to incorporate thrifted pieces into my casual wardrobe. Throwing a "retro" jacket (and by retro I mean Gap-from two years ago) over a trendy top and skinny jeans is easy and fun. I also find that most people usually appreciate the creativity and dichotomy of these combos. Experimenting with fashion on your own accord is fun and doesn't hurt anybody.

However, getting thrifty at work place can be a whole other ball game. There is a fine line between creative and over-the-top. This line has been on my mind often due to my new, mandatory, business dress code. Thus, I have taken it on as a personal challenge to incorporate thrifted items into my work wear, bearing in mind that taking fashion risks at work may not be the best environment to test the limits.

I obviously don't work at an office that requires a dark suit every day. Nor do I work in the fashion industry though where mini skirts are acceptable when paired with a blazer. My office falls somewhere in the middle, where color is acceptable as long as it's below the knee.

My thrifted work wear look below is something I feel proud of. You may have noticed the thrifted heels from this post, and yes, they are happy that they have finally come out to play. The sweater was thrifted from the ARC, which was thrifted by my mom, which was then thrifted by me from her closet. Makes perfect sense, right? The yellow top is Victoria's Secret and may as well be thrifted for as old as it is and as many times as I've seen it at thrift stores (and might I add, in better condition than mine shown here). The skirt is new this summer from J. Crew and really has proven to be a work staple. It goes with everything, fo real. Minus it's questionable quality (some of the threads are falling out), I wear it at least once a week. Score.

So what do you think? Work appropriate? Or do you want to politely tell me I should never step foot into my office dressed like this again? You tell me.

Thrifted "crochet" sweater. Too casj for work wear? Maybe regretting it in retrospect....

A close up of my money maker. I knew it was important to you to see every angle of the outfit.
It's not blurry. You just need glasses.

Sweater: Thrifted (similar, but sold out)
Top: Old Vicky's Secret (similar)
Skirt: J. Crew Factory
Heels: Vintage (similarcute cream version)

P.S. Please excuse my face. This photo sesh occurred before I had time to apply my face. Rarrr.

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  1. It's very beautiful and good looking work wear outfits. The sweater, jeans and tops give you perfect look and style. Especially the mini skirt is my favorite. I love such active wear in fall. Wonderful selection of office dresses according with the environment. Really appreciable, thanks